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Loos Adolf


About the artist Brno 1870 – 1933 Kalksburg near Vienna
Designed by Adolf Loos, Vienna, around 1900
Executed by Johannes Heeg attr., for F. O. Schmidt, comp. model no. 1446
Material Brass, polished and stove enamelled, glasses of 15.2. replaced
Dimensions 15.1.: H 94.5 cm, W 25 cm, D 25 cm. 15.2.: H 97 cm, W 25 cm, D 25 cm
Provenance Private property, Vienna
Literature Company archives of Friedrich Otto Schmidt, no. 1446; Rukschcio, Burkhardt, Adolf Loos, Vienna, 1982, p. 45, ill. 40; P. Rostás, Mágnások Lakberendezöje, 2010, p. 235

An original photograph of a lamp numbered model number 1446 has been preserved in the archives of the company Friedrich Otto Schmidt. With respect to both form and transparency, these two lamps show a close affinity to clocks designed by Loos. Clocks and ceiling lamps designed by Loos were often executed in metal by Johannes Heeg, a Viennese master craftsman.

We would like to thank Mr. Klaus Lorenz and Mr. Johann Oberreiter from the company Friedrich Otto Schmidt in Vienna for their friendly help and for providing us with the documentation.

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