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Thonet Michael

Boppard chair, modell II, Laufstuhl (Lightweight chair)

About the artist Boppard 1796 – Vienna 1871
Designed by Michael Thonet
Executed by Michael Thonet, Boppard, around 1840 or possibly Vienna 1844
Dimensions H 88 cm, SH 44 cm, B 45 cm, T 55 cm
Literature D. E. Ostergard (ed.), Bent Wood and Metal Furniture 1850–1946, 1987, p. 36f.; B. Willscheid, W. Thillmann (ed.), exhibition cat.: Möbel Design, Roentgen, Thonet und die Moderne, Neuwied, 2011, p.280; W. Thillmann, Perfektes Design, Thonet Nr. 14, Bielefeld, 2015, p. 14

The frame is of solid and laminated beech and partially veneered in rosewood. The chair back was completed first in three dimensions using a two-stage process. It was then glued to the seat frame. Both cross struts are missing.

This piece of furniture was designed as a "Laufstuhl" (extremely lightweight seating) and should be considered as a link between Boppard I and the Lichtenstein chair. In addition to the groundbreaking technique that was used here for the first time, the chair is the first piece of furniture with an open seat back that owes nothing to the Biedermeier.

Seven examples of this chair are known.

I would like to thank the international circle of Thonetologists and, in particular, Mr. Heimo Keindl for making available the scientific study of our Boppard chair which was first made public at the last Thonetolgy congress.

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Boppard chair, modell II, Laufstuhl (Lightweight chair) ⋅ Seating ⋅ Thonet Michael

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