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Auchentaller Josef Maria


Designed by Josef Maria Auchentaller attr., around 1900
Executed by Georg Adam Scheid
Marked 2 x G.A.S. for Georg Adam Scheid, 2 x Austrian hallmark - head of Diana (A for Vienna, 2 for 900/1000)
Material Floral silver mount with irises, enamelled, small chips on the enamel, engraved date "1/9 1878", very good original condition
Dimensions H 16 cm
Provenance private property, Germany
Literature Cf. R. Festi, Wiener Bijoux. Schmuck und Design. Josef Maria Auchentaller für Georg Adam Scheid 1895-1910, Grado, 2015 H21/08

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Candlestick ⋅ Silver ⋅ Auchentaller Josef Maria

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