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Moser Koloman


Designed by Koloman Mose attr., Vienna, 1903
Executed by Viennese cabinetmaker
Material Bird's eye maple veneer on pine, multicoloured stained glass, cut and facetted glass, brass fittings

Excellent Viennese craftsmanship
Dimensions H 210 cm, W 120 cm, D 61 cm
Literature Cf. Die Kunst, vol. 10, 1904, p. 337, illus. 348; G. Pichler, “Kolo Mosers Wohnung für ein junges Paar – Gerta und Dr. Hans Eisler von Terramare“, in: R. Leopold/G. Pichler (eds.), Koloman Moser, Munich, 2007, p. 174-201

When furnishing the apartment of Dr. Hans Eisler von Terramare's family, Koloman Moser designed and executed several such pieces of furniture. Especially the stained glass, the use of maple wood, the wardrobe's shape and the back board that goes down to the floor clearly prove that Moser was the designer.

Cat. no. H21/45

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