16. Loos - FOS, Bibliotheksschrank (1) 16. Loos - FOS, Bibliotheksschrank (2) 16. Loos - FOS, Bibliotheksschrank (3)
Category: Masterpieces Spring 2022
Artists: Loos Adolf

An installation depth of 120 cm is required as the two lateral elements protrude by approx. 15° from the bookcase’s central element.

The full-wall library bookcase in the study of Arthur and Leonie Friedmann's apartment (in 1010 Vienna, Belariastraße 4/2nd floor) shown on the photo from 1905 features an almost identical design.

The rod pattern on the bookcase’s top rails was developed by Adolf Loos and is a typical feature of furniture he designed. The pattern follows a very special rhythm: square follows double square, vertical follows horizontal shape.

Friedrich Otto Schmidt produced much of the furniture designed by Adolf Loos for the latter's wealthy clients. Often, he also produced variations for his own customers. In this case, however, I assume with a probability bordering on certainty that this work of art was designed by Adolf Loos.

Expert opinion: Dr. Burkhard Rukschcio, November 1996; Dr. Markus Kristan, November 2010

Cat. Nr. M22/16

About the artist Brno 1870 – 1933 Kalksburg near Vienna
Designed by Adolf Loos around 1905
Executed by Friedrich Otto Schmidt, Vienna, around 1905
Material Mahogany, solid and veneer on pine, stained pine, professionally repolished about 20 years ago, scratches and traces of use, small loss to veneer, original brass fittings, some glass replaced, very nice condition
Dimensions H 230/44 cm, W 600 cm, D 66/35.5 cm
Provenance Dorotheum Auction house, around 1995, Galerie bei der Albertina, Christa Zetter, Vienna, 1996, Clare Hornsby (art historian)
Literature Rukschcio, Burkhardt, Adolf Loos, Vienna 1982, p. 438, illus. 445, p. 444, illus. 454; M. Kristan, Adolf Loos. Wohnungen in zeitgenössischen Photographien aus dem Archiv des Architekten, Vienna, 2001, illus. p. 50