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Lötz Witwe Klostermühle


Executed by Lötz Witwe, Klostermühle, 1902
Décor Cytisus, 1902
Material Clear glass, lemon-yellow inner casing, blue and rosé glass stripes and irregularly spaced patches, excellent condition
Dimensions H 20 cm
Provenance private property, Germany
Literature H. Ricke (ed.), Lötz, Böhmisches Glas 1880–1940, vol. 1, Munich, 1989, p. 327

Vases with Cytisus décor (laburnum) are almost invariably representative of the glassworks’ most creative period. This colourful, particularly effective and interesting rhythmic décor - which is also closely related to contemporary Viennese painting (e.g. Klimt's Beethoven cycle from 1902) - was used almost exclusively on vessels with vividly undulating contours.

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