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Hoffmann Josef

Butter knife

Wiener Werkstätte
About the artist Brtnice 1870 – 1956 Vienna
Designed by Josef Hoffmann, 1903/04
Executed by Wiener Werkstätte, around 1906, comp. works no. S 843
Marked JH, WW, rose mark, Austrian hallmark, head of Diana (A for Vienna, 2 for 900/1000), French importation mark swan (1893 until 1970)
Material From the ‘flat model’ cutlery series.
Silver, very good original condition.
Dimensions L 14.7 cm
Literature W. Neuwirth, Josef Hoffmann, Bestecke für die Wiener Werkstätte, Vienna, 1982, p. 29 f, comp. ill. p. 55
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In 1906, this set of cutlery was shown on the jubilee banquet table in the Wiener Werkstätte exhibition "Der gedeckte Tisch".

The very rare cutlery series, "flat model", is usually adorned by 4 balls at the end of the handle. Our butter knife is one of the rarer versions with 5 balls.

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