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Arts and Crafts
Designed by Vienna around 1830
Executed by Vienna around 1830
Material Gilt frame, surface slightly cleaned and repolished, some repairs on guilt, Viennese grande-sonnerie mantel clock with one-day duration movement, strike on two spring steel gongs sounding the quarter and last hour at each quarter, chime with two tunes, movement and chime have been overhauled by an expert clockmaker, very good condition
Dimensions H 43 cm, W 51 cm, D 16 cm
Provenance private property, Austria
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The depictions are quotations from famous paintings, in the foreground Francois Boucher's "Resting Girl", 1751 (after the version in the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne). In the upper centre of the picture, a possible reference to Antoine Watteau's Fêtes galantes can be seen as a picture within a picture, which opens automatically on the hour and shows the moving and masturbating Cupid hidden behind it, who is derived from Parmigianino's "Arch Carving Cupid" (between 1534-1539, KHM Vienna).

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