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Bohumil (Gottlieb) Kafka


Designed by Bohumil Kafka, 1905
Executed by Franta Anyz (craftsman's imprint)
Marked B. Kafka, Paris 1905, Prvni Odlitek (first casting)
Material bronze
Dimensions H 30.5 cm, L 52 cm, W 21 cm
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This bronze, which was cast in Paris in 1905 at the peak of his creativity, is considered to be one of Kafka's most important Impressionist-Symbolist sculptures. The sculpture depicts a deer with two young ones – something quite rare in nature. While the larger and stronger one is drinking from its mother, the smaller, weaker one is lying on the ground. It is able to raise its head, but its body seems to melt into the ground. The mother lovingly licks its coat as if saying farewell.

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DEER WITH YOUNG ONES ⋅ Sculpture ⋅ Bohumil (Gottlieb) Kafka

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