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Schule Prof. Josef Hoffmann/Georg Winkler


About the artist SCHULE PROF. JOSEF HOFFMANN GEORG WINKLER died 1906 in Vienna
Designed by Georg Winkler, Vienna 1905/6
Executed by Anton Hergesell, Wien XII
Material Rosewood, solid and veneer, some small repairs, surface professionally repolished, inside mahogany veneer, brass fittings, faceted and cut glass; the two upper large doors with wooden panels were unfortunately replaced by glass doors about 30 years ago; excellent condition
Dimensions H 170 cm, W 185 cm, D 40 cm
Provenance private property, Vienna
Literature Das Interieur VIII 1907, illus. p.55
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The furniture was part of the living room furnishings of the flat of Dr. Karl Itzlinger, a court physician, in 1010 Vienna. Georg Winkler was a very talented pupil of Josef Hoffmann, but sadly he died at a young age in 1906. H21/36.2

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