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Peche Dagobert


About the artist DAGOBERT PECHE St. Michael im Lungau 1887 – 1923 Vienna
Designed by Dagobert Peche, Vienna, 1913
Material Solid beech, softwood, painted, interior stained in black, in the lower section two vertical struts were replaced in oak during a previous restoration, original glasses (one with a crack), original hinges, old locks missing; the retouching followed the principle of preserving the original paint while making a sensitive colour match on damaged or missing parts.
Dimensions H 200 cm, B 54 cm, T 48 cm
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Peche’s first important public acknowledgement took place in 1913 in the magazine "Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration" where, in volume 32, the author Rene Delhorbe composed a 13-page documentation. He wrote, amongst other things, "he reminds us that life can be free, sensual and light-hearted, for which he has earned our thanks. ... It is seldom that an artist is so multifaceted. ... Peche is first and foremost an architect but he is also a wood carver and painter. I think I can say, without fear of exaggeration that Peche’s work is in a certain sense unique within our art movement." The vitrine is there, on page 367, illustrated as part of a living room and thus one of his rare early pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, Peche died only 10 years later at the age of 35.


Provenance: the parents of the previous owner have received the piece directly from Berta Zuckerkandl


Ref.: Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, 1913, vol. 32, p. 366 f

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