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Ofner Hans


About the artist St. Pölten 1880 – 1939 Salzburg
Designed by Hans Ofner, around 1906/07
Executed by J. M. Müller, Kunst- und Möbeltischlerei, Linz, Marienstrasse
Material Mahogany, solid and veneer, surface slightly repolished, original leather upholstery, very good condition
Dimensions Stools: H 46.5 cm, W 39.5 cm, D 39.5 cm Table: H 50.5 cm, W 40 cm, D 40 cm
Provenance private property, Austria
Literature postcard OZG/HO/1908, Kollektiv/ausstellung/Miethke-Gutenegg/und Hans Ofner/Muenchen/Kunstsalon Zimmermann/Maximilianstrasse 38
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While St. Pölten architect Hans Ofner had his architect's office in the first district of Vienna, at Opernring 19, he created exceptional designs for pieces of decorative art, sculptures, silver objects, as well as complete sets of furniture. He was very well known far beyond the city limits of the royal residence and capital of Vienna. With astonishing ease, he created the designs for numerous exquisite masterpieces of Vienna Jugendstil. The three pieces of furniture presented here come from the apartment of royal officer Wrann's family. As Ofner's advertising postcard from 1908 proves, the three pieces were probably also shown at his exhibition at Kunstsalon Zimmermann in Munich, Maximilanstrasse 38.

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TWO STOOLS, A SMALL TABLE ⋅ Seating ⋅ Ofner Hans

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