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Hoffmann Josef


About the artist Brtnice 1870 – 1956 Vienna
Designed by Josef Hoffmann for Palais Stoclet, 1907, model bellflower
Executed by Backhausen & Söhne, Vienna
Material Machine-woven carpet, wool, minor defects due to moth damage, washed and surface shorn approx. 1 mm in the carpet pile to revive the partially very faded surface
Dimensions Pattern repeat length: 47 cm Carpet roll width: 88 cm, lengths: 232 cm, 144 cm, 113 cm
Provenance private property, Austria
Literature Das Interieur, XIII, 1912, ill. 9; “The Studio” Yearbook of Decorative Art, 1912, p. 188; Moderne Bauformen, XIII, 1914, p. 22
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Josef Hoffmann designed this carpet in 1907 for Palais Stoclet. It was also used in various rooms in Villa Ast and to equip a number of other residential apartments. Gustav Klimt, for instance, used it for his studio in Feldmühlgasse in Vienna’s 13th district. Our three carpets were produced in 1912 for a different project.

would like to thank Mr Peter Backhausen for his friendly help with the description of the carpet.

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